About Us



We are professional naturalists who are native to Latin America and passionately committed to preserving our heritage and the natural habitats of our native lands. As such we are uniquely qualified to arrange sustainable and environmentally conscious travel expeditions.

We work only with experienced operators who are similarly committed to sustainable tourism.

Our expedition leaders are selected for their superb knowledge of the areas we visit as well as their ability to pass on that knowledge to our guests.

We focus on small groups of travellers both because small groups leave less of a footprint on the environment and because small groups have a better opportunity to see the wonders of nature we offer.

We know from personal experience the best tour operators on-site, hotel providers, and local guides to ensure a unique experience.

We provide 24-hour service from Latin America and Australia to deal with your questions and requests.

Our attention to small details makes a big difference.

We offer trips customized to your interests and your budget.

*A percentage of every guest’s fees will be contributed to environmental preservation and education programs in the areas we visit.

Valentina Cruz
Director Operations


Valentina was born on the Galapagos island of Floreana.

From the time she was a child her parents taught her and her brothers and sisters to love and respect the unique beauty surrounding them.

After attending university in Cuba she was trained as one of the Islands’ highly professional guides, and worked in the Islands for 17 years.

Now married with two children, she lives in Australia with her husband, the biologist Lazaro Roque. She has never lost her love for her native islands and the other beautiful places she has known and wants to share them with others who will appreciate their magic.

Dr. Lazaro Roque Albelo
Director Business Development



Born in the enchanted island of Cuba and with more than 20 years of experience in environmental research, sustainability, management, stakeholder relations, and international development, Lazaro gives to Remote Islands Expeditions the management and business direction every good business needs.

Carolina Zuluaga
Client Service Excecutive


Carolina’s childhood in the countryside of Colombia developed her interest in and love for nature.

She did her bachelor’s degree thesis research at the Charles Darwin Research station in the Galapagos Islands and was part of the Conservation, Restoration, and Management programs taking place in this unique science lab.

Carolina now lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Aura Banda
Photography Expedition Leader


Aura’s first camera was a piece of wood cut by her grandfather on Floreana Island, Galapagos. She painted it to make it look like a very fancy Canon camera. Since then she has dreamed of communicating the beauty and fragility of nature through images.

Since 2005 she has been one of the Islands’ elite naturalist guides and is also a photo instructor.

She has seen four volcanic eruptions, discovered the underwater world while snorkelling and diving, and has taken countless pictures of sea lions and smiling marine iguanas.

Dr. Alex Hearn

Diving Expedition Leader


Dr. Alex Hearn’s research has been published in several peer-reviewed journals and featured in a number of documentaries, including David Attenborough’s recent Galapagos in 3D and the 10-part third season of National Geographic’s Shark Men.

A new documentary features his research on the migration of pregnant whale sharks, Galapagos – Realm of the Giants.

Dr. Hearn is available by special request to be Remote Islands Expeditions’ scuba diving expedition leader