Terms and Conditions


Remote Islands Expeditions (RIE) strongly recommends to take time to read and understand the conditions of booking prior to doing so in order to ensure that you understand all conditions as well the requirements for the expeditions that you are booking.

• Deposit: Once the reservation is confirmed, the client has 7 days to make a deposit of 30% of the total price of your expeditions in order to allow us to do the booking of your expedition. Our reservation system eliminates all unguaranteed reservations after the time limit specified above. This deposit is not refundable.
• Balance (the total amount of the expedition minus the deposit): You are required to pay the balance of your expedition 120 days prior to your departure. If the balance is not paid, the company reserves the right to cancel the client’s booking.
• Deposits must be received in our bank accounts within the time limits established in these policies for reservations to be processed.
• All services not owned by Remote Islands Expeditions will be subject to the policies and conditions established by each operator.
• Special conditions may apply to charters and groups, according to negotiations and agreements signed with Remote islands Expeditions.
• Cancellation: In the case that the client wishes to cancel the expeditions 119 days prior the expedition, the client will have the any money paid refunded, but not the deposit. If the cancellation is after 121 and prior to our services beginning, the client will not be entitled to the total amount of the expedition.
• Remote Islands Expeditions highly recommends that the client take out and maintain a policy of travel insurance to cover cancellation of any tours.
• It is the responsibility of the client to arrive to the airport in time to check in for his/her flight. Remote Islands Expedition is not responsible if the client misses the flight for arriving late and as consequences misses part or total of the tour.
• It is the responsibility of the client to have travel insurance that covers them for flights delays or cancellations that can affect the tours.
• Your details: In order to confirm your bookings, you must provide us with all the requested details. This includes:
• Full name as listed on the passport
• Gender
• Photocopy of passport
• Nationality
• Date of birth
• Pre-existing medical conditions
• Dietary requirements
• Marital status (As required by the Galapagos immigration services)
• A copy of travel insurance to be presented prior to departure.
• Your responsibility: Although we can help you and guide you during the process of booking, it is the responsibility of the client to be well informed about visa, immigration, health and customs requirements associated with their travel. Remote Island Expeditions highly recommend to all clients to do the following steps while you are planning your trip.
• Ensure you have a valid passport at least 6 months after your return home.
• Be aware of the latest travel advice issued by the Australian Government and latest health information for your destination at:
• Make sure you visit the travel doctor prior your departure for all vaccinisations requirements as well any travel advice related with your specific health requirements.
• It is the responsibility of the client to take adequate travel insurance cover for their destinations prior to or at the time of booking and maintain this for the duration of the tour. The insurance must provide to the client unlimited medical and repatriation expenses. Remote Islands Expeditions reserves the right to request from the client at any moment the copy of their insurance prior to departure; in case of failure, Remote Islands Expeditions reserves the right to request that the client sign out a paper that they refused to take any insurance and they are under their own financial responsibility in case of emergency. In addition, Remote Islands Expeditions reserves the right to cancel any booking if the client does not comply with these requirements, and any money paid by the client at the moment of this cancellation can be retained by Remote Islands Expeditions as compensation for the effort spent by it. The client must understand that the request of evidence of insurance is important for both parties.
• Authority during the tour: The client accepts by booking a tour with us, the authority of the expedition leader or representative will be final on all the matters of or pertaining to the expeditions as well with all laws, customs requirements, foreign exchange requirements and drug regulations for all countries to be visited. In the case that the client fails to comply with a decision or direction of the expedition leader or representative of Remote Islands Expeditions, unless this is unreasonable or unlawful, then the expedition leader or representative may require the client to leave the expedition, in which case the client must agree to do so. In this event, the client shall not be entitled to make any claim to Remote Islands Expeditions and warrants that he/she will not do so.